Largest selection of decorative soap. Sea shells, turtles,whales seahorses, roses, flowers, rabbits, hearts and all holidays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Fall Traditions and Monogrammed Bars of soap
We will custom package any combination of items in an attractive gift bag for your special occasions, parties, holidays, Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. Just send us your request and we be more than happy to customize an order especially for you.
Holiday Traditions

5  red and 5 green christmas trees of decorative            10 Green Pine Cones od Decorative Soap                10 White Snowflakes of Decorative Soap
Soap. 2 1/4" tall 2" wide 3/4" thick.                                2 1/2" tall 1 1/2" Diameter at base.                           2" Diameter 1/2" thick
$8.50 each set                                                             $8.95 each set                                                         $8.95 each set          

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10 Peppermint Patty Decorative soaps                        10 Peppermint Sticks Decorative Soap                        10 Flat Snowman  Decorative Soap               
 2" across 3/4" thick                                                  4" long 5/8" Diameter                                                  2 1/2" tall 1 1/2" wide 1/2 " thick          
 These have a very pepperminty scent.                         $8.95 per set                                                            $8.95 per set
$8.95 per set

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10 Red Santa Claus flat design Decorative soap        3 Gift Sets of 4 Ginger Bread Decorative soap 
 3 " tall 2" wide 1/2" thick    $8.95 each set                $11.25 each set
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